Meridian is committed to customizing our programs and services to meet the individual and diverse needs of our clients. We meet this commitment by delivering the most flexible and comprehensive services in the industry. Our certified collectors are fully–trained to understand every aspect of the shared ownership industry, allowing them to educate and resell delinquent parties on their shared ownership purchase while increasing the rate of recovery.


Keeping collections in–house for as long as possible before sending them out for legal action can become a costly strategy. Legal fees and recourse actions can hurt your bottom line, which is why Meridian offers the Early–Out–Program.

The Early–Out–Program allows Meridian to identify problem accounts and begin collection efforts as soon as they become past due. By starting collection efforts early, Meridian increases recovery rates and decreases collection costs, which improves your bottom line.

For more information on the Early-Out Program, Contact Us today.

No–Cost–To–You Dues Recovery Program

Meridian’s No–Cost–To–You Dues Recovery program can recover 100 percent of the originally assigned balance on your past due accounts – at no cost to you! By assessing a predetermined collection fee to the total balance due – including late charges and interest – the account is fully recovered while Meridian retains the collection fee, only. 

The No–Cost–To–You Dues Recovery program is generally for Homeowners Associations (HOAs) whose condominium documents and state statutes allow assessing the costs of collection to delinquent accounts. If you’re not sure whether your state and/or HOA’s condo documents permit for this, check with your association’s attorney.

For more information on the No–Cost–To–You Dues Recovery Program, Contact Us today.

Services Offered by Meridian Financial Services

Credit Reporting – All qualified accounts are reported to two major credit reporting agencies – TransUnion and Experian – on a monthly basis. 

Skiptracing – Meridian has access to demographic information on delinquent owners, allowing us to begin the collection process and update your files with current information. 

Online Services – Information on your consumers is at your fingertips, allowing you to print a variety of reports with the most current consumer information. 

Statements/Remittances – Meridian provides statements, remits all monies collected on a weekly, semimonthly, or monthly basis and transmits pay sheets to clients daily. 

Custom Reports – Tailored to the specific needs of our clients, custom reports provide updated financial and demographic information on your accounts. 

Credit & Collection Consulting – Gain greater control over bad debts through advice and guidance offered by Meridian

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